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VC Camera


1. Demo Software
  Special Functions
- English and Japanese Language

- Support VC NanoZ, VC proZ, VC Nano 3D Cameras
- VC Linux Software, PC Client Software


Newral Network Software Products and Tools

1. Spice-MLP (Multi-layer Neural Network with English, Japanese and Vietnamese Interfaces)

   Special features that no other Neural Network software has:
      - 27 activated functions
      - Users can choose different activated functions in different layers
      - Easy to use, friendly user interface
      - Available library in C++ and C#

2. Spice-SOM (Self-Organizing Map with English, Japanese and Vietnamese Interfaces)

3. Self-Organizing Map and MLP Neural Network -A Practical Use: English, Vietnamese

4. Spice-Neuro Multi Layer Neural Network Program Users' guide: English, Vietnamese

5. Self Organizing Maps: Spice-Som Users' guide: Vietnamese





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