Welcome to MITECH

MITECH (Machine Imagination Technologies) is a frontier in applied machine learning. The company focuses on doing research, developing and implementing machine learning algorithms, and then apply the newest AI technologies into practice.




We realize the latest technologies in machine learning and computer vision.

Data Analysis

Data acquisition, labeling, classification.
Machine learning techniques: SVM, Neural Network, Self-Organizing Map, Boosting, Decision Tree, Deep Learning

Image Recognition

Defect detection and recognition, quality control software.
Customized object detection and recognition software.

HPC Systems

Software for High Performance Computing Systems.
Programming Languages: C, C++, MPI, CUDA, ...

Embedded Systems

FPGA Designing/Programming


Mechatronics Machine Design
Design and Make Experimental Devices
3D Printing Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AI Web backend designing and programming.

Great Technologies

We continuously develop and implement ourselves algorithms and machine learning tools in C++, C#, Python and other programming languages. We also apply the newest machine learning technologies such as Deep Learning into practice.

Having been integrated into industrial systems by Japanese manufacturers, MITECH-made software is used in production lines in several developed countries including Japan and Korea.

Join us?

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an expert, we always welcome you to join us to make useful AI applications for valuable customers in Japan as well as in the wold.


A frontier in applied AI and machine learning.

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